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Great Lakes Fasteners goal is to assist our customers to remain competitive and profitable. That's why our Smart Solutions are designed around understanding your business. GLF is committed to saving you time and procurement costs within all levels of your business. 

Customized Managed Inventory Solutions
Great Lakes Fasteners Inventory Management Team will keep the products you need in-stock and organized to meet your specific inventory needs with data driven results.
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Kitting and Small Assembly
At Great Lakes Fasteners, we can suggest kits of multiple assembled parts. This will reduce your transaction and labor costs by allowing you to place one order for multiple parts and eliminate the need for your employees to assemble the parts in-house.
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Full Service Standard and Custom Labeling
GLF offers customized bar code labeling on packing slips and packages to allow you to more efficiently receive product and track it within your facility.

State of the Art Packaging
Great Lakes will assist in optimizing inventory in production and maintenance departments through effective use of standard box quantities.  GLF provides full service customized packaging when special sizing is required. 

Cost Reduction Programs
At Great Lakes Fasteners we look for ways to save you money at each step of the manufacturing process. GLF cost reduction processes help your company save money on the production of your products. Our team of Certified Fasteners Specialist will suggest cost savings relating to product standardization, inventory management, new product technology and much more.

Global Supply
Great Lakes Fasteners has invested time and diligence on your behalf to develop Best in Class Supply Base over our 78 years in business. The direct result of this effort allows us to bring you highest quality products at a competitive price.
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