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Great Lakes Fasteners Helps Manufacturer of Door Closers Develop a Cost Saving Design

A manufacturer of door closers was exploring ways to improve an existing product without increasing their costs. The engineering team had designed a component that would improve the function of the end product. However, the new component was designed in such a way that it could only be produced using a screw machine or CNC process. Both of these processes were expensive ways to produce the component and had proven difficult for the customer to source. Several potential suppliers had noquoted the part because of the tight tolerances and difficulty to manufacture.

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Great Lakes Fasteners Helps a Heavy Equipment OEM Reduce Warranty Claims

A bolt is often overlooked, but if it fails in the field one bolt can turn out to be a $10,000,000 problem. A heavy equipment OEM, an existing Great Lakes Fasteners (GLF) customer, experienced 12 bolt failures on equipment in the field. The bolts were used in critical, high load bearing applications.

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